Code Brew - Vol. 0

Learning new technologies in 4 months.

Welcome to Code Brew!  For those who don't know what Code Brew is, we are a weekly newsletter that helps you learn new technologies through our newsletter.  We're really excited that you have found us and hope we can help you, whether you are already a developer looking to learn a new language or technology or someone who is completely new to code looking to learn!  Let's dive into exactly what Code Brew is all about.

What is Code Brew?

The Structure

Like we said above, Code Brew is a weekly newsletter that is sent out to you that covers a specific technology or programming language.  We do 4 months installments of each technology.   What we mean by that is - every 4 months we will focus on a new technology. 

For example, January 1st our first newsletter would go out on Python, a very popular programming language.  Every week for 4 months we will send out a weekly email about Python.  Once April ends (January-April is 4 months), we would start a new technology in May and send a weekly newsletter on that technology.  Every week we start with a high level short and sweet 2-3 minute read on new/cool things in tech.  That way if you maybe aren't sold on the new technology we are teaching those months, we still want you to be a part of our community!

The Content

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Our content is how we want to separate from others.  We want to provide you almost with a mini-book every week that covers the technology deeply, so you can learn and have a solid foundation around that technology.  No we aren't promising you will be a master in that technology, and you may even need some more training but you WILL definitely learn a lot and be able to use the technology or programming language.  Our content in the newsletter will mainly be in the text form.  We will start with a brief overview of what is going to be covered in the newsletter, have a table of contents and then dive right into. When we start a new technology, we will definitely ease into it, starting with the basics and theory and then as we get further into the sessions we will do more practical, real-life problems and solutions using the technology or programming language.  We want our readers to be able to use this technology in the real world once the 4 months is over, so we will incorporate real-world problems and practices so you can use it in a job or try to find a job in that field and you feel comfortable during an interview.  

In every newsletter, there will be references to tutorials, practice problems/exercises/challenges, other books and lessons that you can learn outside the newsletter.  It has been requested, and of course we will answer.  Code Brew will start up a YouTube channel (in the near future), that will go hand in hand with the newsletter.  That way it can be an all in one learning platform for technologies.  In the meantime, there are a lot of great resources out there on YouTube, but the hardest part is finding what is good information and what actually applies to real-life, so we will do that for you.  Each outside reference, whether it's practice exercises, YouTube video or a book - we have watched, done or read ourselves so we back it 100% and promise you will learn and get valuable knowledge out of it.  

Overall, the newsletter will be the main source of content. We will cover a ton in each newsletter, and advance each week in the technology we are learning together. Everything to what the technology is used for and its main purpose, to syntax, basic programming to even a real-world application at the end.  From there, we will provide tutorials, practice exercises/problems, lessons and more every newsletter for those who want to dive into the technology even deeper.  

Why You Need To Join

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So, you got this far, you must be interested, and we are super glad you are interested!  You may be wondering if we have chosen our first technology for our newsletter and the answer is yes, we have.  But first, why should you join? A couple reasons.

1. You'll be joining a community of people just like you - that want to learn more about tech and are super passionate about it. And if you are new to tech, don't be shy, we all started somewhere and want you to join!

2. Tech is growing, and the more you know, the more valuable you are. (more valuable = more $$$$)

3. No spam.  We don't spam you and never will.  Our weekly newsletter on technology is what you will be getting, and NOTHING else!

4. Knowledge is power.  The more you know, the more power you have??? (Well, maybe).

Lastly, if you really don't learn something in the first month (we doubt that will happen), you can always unsubscribe - no hard feelings! So you really have nothing to lose.  

Our First Technology

Our first technology we are going to cover is a programming language.  In order to find out what language that is, you have to subscribe and our intro email will tell you all about it!  So subscribe below and find out what programming language you will be learning in the next for months (for FREE!).

We hope to see you in our newsletter and can't wait to get this newsletter up and running. P.s - make sure to check your junk or promotional mail when you subscribe and move it primary so we don’t get lost :)

For those who have any questions about the newsletter or just want to talk to the Code Brew - email us at ✉️ ✉️ We will get back with you ASAP.

Tell Your Friends!

We want this newsletter to help as many people as possible, so tell your friends. If you refer someone, let us know the email of the person you referred and we will have a little surprise for you!

Thank you all, hope to see you in our subscribe list and don't forget to subscribe to find out our first programming language we are going to cover!