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You should subscribe to the Code Brew if you are an inspiring web/software developer, or simply someone who wants to get into the technology field. Every 4 months we cover a new technology that could land you a job.

Why 4 months, you may ask. Google says you can learn a programming language in 4 months. Like most people, I believe Google. Code Brew is a weekly newsletter that teaches you a new technology every 4 months.

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Who I am.

Hello, my name is Casey and I am the head writer for the Code Brew. I am currently a software developer for a company in the United States. I have bachelors degree in Computer Science, and during college tutored underclassmen at my university that struggled with programming. Teaching and tech have always been my passions.

Now that newsletters have become huge, I decided to create my own unique newsletter. I wanted to be in the tech field, but also wanted to stand out. That is when I came up with idea of the Code Brew, which is teaching a new technology every 4 months in weekly newsletter format.

I hope you all enjoy the newsletter, and if you have any questions, let’s talk! Email me at codebrewweekly@outlook.com.

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